Roots of Our Teas  

Local and Imported

The tea that the Finger Lakes Tea company is growing in our Finger Lakes area is called Mao Feng from the Huangshan area of China.  The name translates as Yellow Mountain Fur Peak Tea.  Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) is in Anhui Province in Southeast China.  This tea is so named because of the small hairs that cover the leaves which are in a shape that resembles a mountain peak.

It is one of the top 10 teas in China, known for its delicious taste as well as its numerous health benefits.  When this tea matures and is processed it will be sold in the tea store and served in our restaurant along with other high quality imported teas. There will also be unique combinations made to order.

All these are specially chosen by our owners for their delicate flavor, fine color and health benefits.  The medical benefits of tea have always been well known especially in China where it was discovered.  The Emperor Shen Nong, father of Chinese Agriculture and Medicine once remarked,”Tea relieves tiredness and strengthens the will, warms the soul and revives eyesight” Conventional medicine has found reason for this in the tannins and polyphenols (which are rich in anti oxidants) that tea contains



Finger Lakes Tea
Finger Lakes Tea
Finger Lakes Tea
Finger Lakes Tea
Finger Lakes Tea
Finger Lakes Tea
Finger Lakes Tea
Finger Lakes Tea


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 Finger Lakes Tea Shop

& Dim Sum Café

Dim Sum Café menu
available now on website.
A great way to taste sweet and savory dishes native to the Chinese culture
Makes a delicious lunch or light dinner 

Now Open Daily

11 am - 8 pm Mon.-Sat.
11 am - 7 pm Sun.

Tea tastings - 3 teas $2.00

Pot of Tea  - $2.00 per person

Authentic Kung Fu tea ceremony is also available by appointment for customers.

This is a lovely, relaxing way to enjoy an ancient tea ceremony!!!
$20 per person/$35 couple
$60 family - up to 4 people

Come see our beautiful collection of fine porcelain imported china tea cups and tea pots, along with locally made Honey Tea soap & other tea gifts, all on display in our tea shop.

We have several types of loose  Red, Black, White, Green, Oolong and Ripe teas and over 30 types of flower (scented) teas.
--All listed on this website--
Prices vary for teas -sold by the ounce with 2 oz minimum

Feel free to make your own combinations.

Groups welcome!
(please call in advance

 New flower teas are here - longan, buckwheat, forget me not, ginger, papaya & tangerine peel
Stop in and try any of these as well as our regular listed teas.  
We also have many new tea sets and gift ideas that have just arrived.

Our Story

Finger lakes Tea Company, located in the beautiful Finger Lakes area of New York State is the vision of its founders, Mark and Lily Lin. Their entire family – both here and in China - is involved in this endeavor. The Lin's  come from Modern day Qingtian, Zhejiang, China The Lin's hometown. This city has been known as the Hometown of Chinese Stone Carvings for thousands of years.  These stone carvings have come to be called "Embroidery in Stones" and are the main industry in this area.

We are passionate about quality tea and hope to share this passion with others.  Our dream is to grow tea locally, in the Finger Lakes area and sell it to the public.  We will also sell and serve high quality imported tea.  Since, in our homeland of China tea is named for the area it is grown our local tea is called Finger Lakes Tea.  And so our new company is called!!!

We have already planted  over 55000 tea plants with seed direct from our homeland along with 1500 apple-pear trees on our 30 acre farm. With help from scientists from Cornell, we have found that the unique, natural conditions of the Finger Lakes is conducive to growing tea.

We have been in the food industry for many years and have been happy to serve the public with authentic, traditional high quality food and teas.

Meet our family...

Meet Our Family